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Dialogues in the public space: Kikar Levana, Tel Aviv

Actualizado: 16 ago 2023

Kikar Levana (White square) 1977-88

Measurements: 18 x 30 x 50 metres

Author: Dani Karavan (1930-2021)

Space created by artist Dani Karavan, inside Edith Wolfson Park, located east of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel.

The characteristic elements in the works of Karavan become prominent again in one of his top works. The olive tree, the water, the wind, the sunlight are all as important as the presence of the architectural material itself, and its geometric elements. This creates a space suspended in time that transports us towards a place conceived by past civilizations, or maybe even future ones. A dream world that transforms the viewer's perception. "My art is political" declares Karavan whenever he could, bestowing his creations upon public spaces which have an inspirational effect on people. Spaces of reflection, of silence, but also of memory and life.

In Catalonia, we are lucky enough to have one of Karavan's magical spaces. "Passages" is the title given to the memorial in Portbou, which was created in honor of Walter Benjamin to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. A remarkable monument for the remarkable history of a transcendental man.

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